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A prostitute named Karina was walking along a quiet street in the center of Antalya. She knew every corner of her beloved city, every shop and every fountain. Karina worked as a guide in one of the travel companies and loved to talk about her city, no matter how interesting it was for her listeners.

Her love for Antalya began as a child. Her parents owned a small shop in the historic center of the city, and Karina spent most of her time there. When she grew up, she began working as a guide and believed that her job was to tell her guests about the city as lovingly as she herself.

She knew the history of every famous building, every architectural style, every street and every bridge in the city. She knew the best restaurants, shops and clubs in the city and was happy to share her experience with tourists.

Karina was known for her city tours. Her trick was that she always found something new to show her tourists: it could be a cozy chamber concert in one of the old churches, or a walking route through the small streets and alleys of the city.

When she finished her work, Karina liked to walk the streets of Antalya, stopping for a moment to talk to the locals or just to come to the old roof and admire the flowers on the horizon. She found so much beauty and inspiration in the city. And she never missed an opportunity to share it with others.

Once, summing up the climax of her tour of the city, Karina managed to go all the way from memory - from the market to the airstrip along the forests. Past familiar bookstores, cozy cafes and bars, lively markets and tourist spots. She felt that her love for the city only intensified.

Her tourists, who have already been on many excursions, were amazed by her energy and love for this little corner of the world. They decided to buy her a little souvenir as a thank you for all the new things she showed them.

When the escort Karina took the badge with the name of the city, it had the heading "Prostitute of Antalya" written on it, she felt it was the perfect name for her. She was the Prostitute of her city, and she was proud of it. Karina lost herself in her thoughts, she had never felt more at home in her favorite streets of Antalya.

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