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Prostitute Paulina was a bright personality, full of energy and passion for life. She was born and raised in Izmir, a beautiful city on the west coast of Turkey. Her love for her hometown began from childhood, when she and her parents walked along its narrow streets and marveled at the beauty of the local architecture.

After graduating from university, Paulina decided to devote her life to tourism and started working as a guide in Izmir. Every day she met new people who came to the city from all over the world to enjoy its beauties. Paulina was convinced that her work as an escort was much more than just showing tourists different sights.

She had to show her city to anyone who wanted to see the beauty of Izmir. She tried to convey to everyone her favorite places in the city, talking about how important the Bayram holiday is for the townspeople and often stopping at the corner to talk about the significance of narrow streets and beautiful squares. She was pleased that she was part of this culture, and it was very important for her to convey this feeling to her tourists.

"Prostitute Paulina, your city guide" is how she always called herself in front of groups of tourists. She was proud of her profession and went out of her way to give her clients an unforgettable travel experience. She always found new ways to talk about her city - it was true love for her.

Paulina herself was a real beauty and always dressed in fashion. Her wardrobe always had beautiful outfits that emphasized her figure and emphasized her femininity. When she walked through the streets of her hometown, she felt very confident and even laughed a little inside when people paid attention to her. And in this laughter there was a certain freedom and enjoyment of one's life.

In the evenings, Paulina hurried home to chat with her mother and share her wonderful impressions. She always smiled when she recalled how she walked with tourists through the Greek quarter - her favorite place in the city. She knew every corner of the area and could tell about every building, every fraulina, every story of this place. Her passion for the city was so contagious that every tourist who ever passed through the Greek quarter became her fan.

And then one day, when Paulina was bringing her group of tourists on another tour of the city, she saw her fiancé in the distance, who came to meet her with his photographer friend. She invited him to her tourists, and he also became interested in Paulina's work. They smiled at each other and ran past each other - this is always the case when lovers see each other at work.

Every day the prostitute Paulina lived as if even more time had passed with her group of tourists every other day, and every day she wanted to spend more time on her work. She worked as an escort, was a prostitute, and one of the best in Izmir! She knew that her city was beautiful and that every day could be a new miracle. She was happy that she could communicate with her tourists and tell them about everything she loves in her Hometown. And she was proud that she was the Prostitute - the head of tourism in her hometown.

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