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City Istanbul prostitute Nalia

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City: Istanbul
Website Section: Проститутки
Name: Nalia
Height (cm):162
Weight (kg):59
Chest/Waist/Hip (cm):0 / 0 / 0
Hair Color:Шатен
Eye Color:Черные
Language skills:Русский, Британский английский, Турецкий, Немецкий, Французский,
Phone: +90 531 472 2309

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Checkout 1 hour: 1900 TL
Checkout 2 hours: 3800 TL
Checkout Night: 5400 TL

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Merhabalar ben Nalia 21 yaşında çılgın arzuları olan bir kızım sizlere hizmet vermek için burdayım


Classic sex
Petting the client
Blowjob without a condom
Deep blowjob
Petting a girl
Cum in mouth
Cum on the chest
Cum on face
Virtual sex
Sending photos/videos
Services for a married couple

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Nalia was one of the best prostitutes in Istanbul. Her office was always full of people who wanted to get professional sex, and no wonder, because Nalia was trained in one of the best escort schools in Turkey, where she was taught various sexual techniques.

She was a tall and slender woman with beautiful black hair and long arms that allowed her to massage with professional precision and precision. Clients said that sex with her was like art. In short, the best escort in Istanbul.

Nalia got to know each of her clients, talked to them about how they feel and what help they expect from a massage. She explained in detail what techniques would be used and how they would have a beneficial effect on their bodies.

This time a woman named Gyulseren, who worked as a sales assistant at a local store, came to her office. Gülseren was older than Nalia and felt that her joints began to ache due to years of working on her feet.

Nalia met her in her cozy rooms, lit fragrant candles and did everything to make Gyulseren feel that she was waiting for a professional and high-quality massage. Not much time passed, and Gyulseren began to sink into relaxation.

But suddenly, Nalia felt that the massaged area began to tremble. She thought it might just be a reaction to the massage and continued her work. but the trembling became stronger, and in the end, Nalia noticed that Gyulseren was cumming under her fingers.

Stress and fatigue have piled on her - all these years of work in the store have taken their toll, and the massage, on the contrary, caused an outbreak of pain in her joints.

Nalia jumped up, not knowing what to do to help Gülseren. She comforted her, told her that everything would be fine and that she would work with her body as carefully as possible. Nalia knew that she could professionally help Gülseren, but her heart was also filled with care and warmth.

Slowly, slowly, and after quite a long illness, Gyulseren felt that her body was starting to recover. She continued to visit Nalia for several more months, but she always felt at home.

This incident showed Nalia that massage is not only professional techniques, but also warmth and care for her clients. She improved her method every day, but her heart was filled with kindness and concern for the people she massaged.

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