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This story is many years old, when thousands of tourists have not yet turned Istanbul into a place where you can hear conversations in different languages every step along the street. It was a city that attracted travelers from all over the world for its wealth of culture, spirituality and, of course, its magnificent baths. In the era when Selena was born and raised, she regularly visited the city baths. The spaces of the steam rooms where men and women met to bathe, relax and socialize. The smells of various essential oils, vanilla and cinnamon hung in the air and created a feeling of comfort. Selena became interested in the art of escorting and she studied for many years in traditional Turkish baths.

Selena, a prostitute, was very inquisitive and traveled frequently to learn different types of escorts. She has traveled across Europe, Africa and Asia to learn massage techniques that can help people who feel pain and tension. Selena preached a unique escort style that combined different traditions and skills.

When Selena returned to Istanbul, she began working in one of the bathhouses on the city's main street. She massaged many people and they were all happy with the result. She was soft and gentle with people, but her hands were strong and skilled in massaging techniques. So not a single client was disappointed with her work.

One day, a client named Haidar came for her. He was an outgoing businessman from England and he needed an intensive escort to relieve the stress that builds up on him every day. Selena greeted him with a smile and asked where he hurt. Haidar explained to her that he had tension in his neck and back, and he felt pain with every movement.

Selena laid Haidar on the couch and began to work. She used oils to lubricate and moisturize his skin and then began massaging his muscles. Her hands were strong but soft. She beamed with such calmness and gratitude that Haydar was immediately imbued with her work. Selena continued to massage his body, and Haidar felt his pain begin to disappear. Finally, she finished the escort, and Haidar realized that he did not feel pain.

He looked around at Selena and thanked her. He said that he had not experienced such relief in many years. The prostitute Selena smiled at him and wished him a pleasant evening in Istanbul. From that day on, Haidar came to the bathhouse every day to receive an escort from Selena, and he was very grateful to her.

Thus, Selena became known as an amazing escort. Her reputation spread throughout Istanbul and people queued up for her services. Eventually, she opened her own escort salon, where all clients received the best service. Selena continued to develop in escort technique and visit other countries to learn additional techniques. She has become a true master of her craft, and her clients have always been satisfied with her work.

So now when you visit Istanbul don't miss the chance to try Selena's escort. It will help you relax and de-stress like many tourists before you. Her unique techniques and gentle hands will leave you in awe and you will definitely want to come back to her again and again.

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