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Alice was a prostitute at one of the famous spa hotels in Istanbul. And although her name was not as common as some of her colleagues, she was a very talented professional who helped many to heal their illnesses and injuries.

She was an exceptionally quiet and shy girl who always put her job first in her life. Someone might think that she is a boring person, but that would be a big mistake. She had a social life and friends, but she always covered it up with her introversion.

One day she got a client who came to her for a massage for the first time - a man named Jim. He was tall, rich and knew what he wanted. His goal was to get a relaxing massage after a hard week at work, but Alice's massage was so excellent that he felt his problem areas slowly disappear.

But Jim didn't want to stop there. He began to try to establish a personal connection, giving her the nickname Alice, calling her beautiful and attractive. Alice was indignant, but easily drowned out this moment and moved on to the next area to be massaged, not reacting in any way to Jim's words.

However, after this meeting, Jim became a regular customer of Alice, and a strange bond began to develop between the two. Jim kept trying to make a personal connection, but eventually he stopped calling her "Alice". Instead, he called her "Lady". He tried to find out more about Alice's hobbies, would she like them, is she interested in fashion and beauty.

Alice initially tried to avoid him, but she couldn't refuse him. At some point, she even considered that he was a very good and attentive listener to her conversation. He reassured her and showed much more understanding than anyone else.

But then she realized that he was only pretending, after all he was only talking to her for money, and he wouldn't appreciate her real personality. She decided that she did not want to continue communicating with him.

When Jim came to see her for his next session, he found that she no longer worked at the hotel. It seemed to him that his life had now changed. He lost not only his favorite masseuse, but also the final destination of his visit to Istanbul.

And for Alice it was a new stage in her career - she started working in a place where she was respected, loved and accepted. She forgot about Jim and spent all her free time learning new massage techniques that could help her become an even more talented and efficient prostitute.

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