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Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in world history, and it still exists today. There are many reasons why women decide to take this step, but one of the most common is financial instability and need.

One of these women is Natalie from Istanbul. She, like many other prostitutes, could not find a normal job and came into this world out of necessity. But what is her life really?

Natalie meets her clients at one of the beauty salons in the city center. She does not wear a mask and does not hide her past. Despite the fact that she is a prostitute, Natalie looks very attractive and well-groomed. She loves designer clothes and expensive cosmetics, so most of her earnings go to buying these things.

For an hour of work, Natalie earns about $500. Her clients are representatives of high society - businessmen, politicians, foreign tourists. Natalie says that she has regular clients whom she trusts and who trust her. She is convinced that her professionalism and ability to communicate with her clients are the main reasons for her success.

Despite her success, Natalie also had difficult moments in her life. One day she became addicted to drugs, which led to big problems in her life. She realized that she couldn’t live like that, and began visiting a special rehabilitation clinic. Now she is in great shape and does not take drugs.

Natalie is not shy about her profession and, on the contrary, believes that she taught her a lot. She says she has learned to be patient, to learn from her mistakes, to be considerate and caring. In addition, she feels free and independent, which is very important for her.

However, there are difficulties in Natalie's life. She often feels lonely and does not have a permanent partner. She says that she really wants to find true love, so she does not exclude the possibility that in the future she can change her life and stop prostitution.

In conclusion, Natalie is a very brave woman who was able to survive many hardships and maintain her independence. Although her profession may be condemned by some people, Natalie is confident in her actions and continues to live the way she likes, despite all the obstacles.

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