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Elena is a prostitute from Istanbul who has been working in this business for many years. She was born in Belarus, but moved to Turkey in her youth. At first she worked at various enterprises and shops, but then she decided to try her hand at another field.

As she herself says, prostitution is a business that requires not only physical stamina, but also a lot of intelligence. Elena is a true professional. She knows how to control herself and keep up a conversation with a client on any topic.

She has many tricks and techniques in her arsenal that allow her to satisfy men so much that they always leave her satisfied. Elena says that her work not only allows her to earn a lot of money, but also gives her the opportunity to meet many interesting people and get to know new cultures.

Elena is a very beautiful woman. She is well-groomed and always dresses stylishly. She communicates with clients only in English and is ready to work with both Turks and foreigners. She attaches great importance to privacy and always keeps her clients private.

Of course, prostitution is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but Elena says it's her choice and she doesn't regret it. She thinks that all people should have the right to choose their profession and no one should judge her for it.

Besides, Elena works not only in normal conditions. She also works as an escort (that is, she accompanies clients on meetings or business trips). In this case, Elena receives much more money than just for an evening with a client. It also gives her the opportunity to travel and visit different countries, which is also a plus.

Elena is a heroine who constantly faces a lot of trouble, but copes with all the difficulties and continues to work in this area. She is not ashamed of her work and is confident in her abilities.

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