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Polina is a young girl who comes from a poor family in southern Turkey. Her parents died when she was only 14 years old. This was a great tragedy and misfortune for Polina and her family. The girl was left without a breadwinner and was completely alone. But she had to earn a living to secure her and her family's right to exist. She fell into the hands of a cruel employer, who more than once drove her to despair. A single father could not protect his daughter from violence.

The law prohibits prostitution in Turkey, so Polina had to leave for Istanbul, where she began to engage in a common and legalized service - massage. But too little salary for a massage did not allow her to provide for herself and her loved ones. Polina was forced into prostitution.

In the beginning, she had a hard time getting over her fear and shame. She felt that she had become part of what has existed in society since antiquity. Prostitution is the ultimate form of forced desperation. But over time, Polina ceased to be shy about her new lifestyle and found friends working in this area. Many of them turned out to be more kind and honest than women who have never been involved in this activity.

Now Polina is one of the most popular prostitutes in Istanbul. She knows how to love, knows how to behave in any company. Her clients are not only men who are looking for sexual satisfaction, but also those who want to chat, talk on emotional topics. Polina knows Turkish very well and it is easy for her interlocutors to communicate with her. But she also knows her limits and never breaks the rules that are accepted in this work area.

Polina has no children and she herself says that this is a great happiness for her. She does not want to pass on these life problems to her children and prevent them from being scattered in society. Her dream is to create a small family business in the future, where she will sell products that she herself will make.

Polina's life is an example of the fact that in conditions where all forces and abilities are completely unequal, a woman can achieve real success in life, provided she is selfless and persistent. Her story, of course, is worthy of attention and must become the subject of appreciation and respect, as well as become an occasion for revising the attitude of society towards all people, including prostitutes.

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