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Katya is a prostitute from Istanbul who has gone through many hardships and trials in her life. She has been in her profession for many years, and although she does not take pride in her work, she fully understands that this is the only way to earn money for her and her family.

Katya was born and raised in a poor area of Istanbul. She was the youngest child in the family, and her parents, unable to provide their children with a normal education and decent living conditions, were forced to send her to work in a small shop where she worked as a salesman.

One day, by mistake, her boss transferred much more money into her account than it was supposed to. Katya, without thinking, withdrew all the money and bought medicine for her mother. When the boss discovered the mistake, he demanded a refund, but Katya no longer had that amount. She was threatened with dismissal and prosecution. She snatched the keys to the store and left, forgetting to slam the door.

On the street, Katya was deprived and no one needs her. She perched in the shopping area and waited for someone to notice her and help. Job advertisements flew past her, and she realized that no one needed her.

After meeting another prostitute, Katya decided to try this job. Even then, she understood that this was the only way to earn money for her. And then her new life began.

She started her career as a laborer in one of the city's brothels. A few weeks later, she was earning more than she had ever made in the store. Katya was sure that her life had finally taken a better path.

She sometimes thought about her clients. They were so different. There were rich and poor, young and old. However, no matter who they were, they all came to her not only for physical pleasure, but also to talk. So Katya realized that her work is not only far from physical contact, but is also a kind of psychological service.

Many of her clients told her all their problems and secrets. And during the time spent in the brothel, Katya learned to listen well and could even give advice. She tried to help everyone if it was in her power.

However, despite all this, she has long since lost her illusions. She knew that her work caused fear or disgust in other people. She herself was not proud of her profession. But Katya did not burn bridges. She continued her work, earning money to help her family.

Katya still lives and works in Istanbul. Brothels and prostitution, as before, are illegal, but many women, like Katya, continue this work, turning in the shadow world. She feels responsible to her clients and often stresses that this is her only source of income.

Thus, Katya is a woman who gave her family hope and trust, and continues to work, despite all life's difficulties. Her life may seem tragic and unfair, but her perseverance and ability to survive in difficulties is the true strength and real achievement.

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